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Posted 3/13/2013

Dr. Michael deMiranda, Professor, Engineering Education School of Education and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Colorado State University offers greetings at the first annual TEAMS competition in Colorado.



CSU Engineering students who are working on not only their engineering degrees but also the teaching credentials, helped plan the TEAMS event and helped out on competition day.



Colorado State University graciously was the host of the 2013 TEAMS Competition in Colorado.



Students from Rock Canyon High School dive right in and tackle the first challege at this year's event.



Dr. deMiranda looks on as the team from Liberty Common High School gears up for the competition.



Calculators and brain power come together to tackle some tough problems in the TEAMS competition.



Big parts of the TEAMS event is teamwork and cooperation among team members.



After finishing part one of the competition, Dr. deMiranda arranged for lunch and visits with various groups from the university.



In the above photo, and in several more below, students had the opportunity to talk to staff from CSU -- to learn about careers and educational opportunities in the field of engineering as well as about the university and it's programs.



Dr. deMiranda and his staff (including student ambassadors and future engineering teachers) work out logistics for the second part of the day.


Some of the displays available included a little fun and games -- providing a much needed break from the intense competition.



During the break, students had the opportunity to check out CSU's Liquid Galaxy unit in the school's library. Featuring 10 monitors, the station allows users to explore Google Earth -- from the deepest oceans to the tallest peaks -- without ever having to leave the comfort of the library! A much larger version - one taking up an entire wall using three LCD projectors - in use in the library's conference center (show below), demonstrates the power of virtual reality. Utilizing overlays that illustrate various points of data, users of the system can uncover a wealth of information about our world.


Future engineering teachers share lunch with the competitors. Lunch was provided courtesty of CSU and the Department of Engineering.



CSU Student Ambassadors talk about CSU and life as a college student.


After lunch, work begins on the second part of the TEAMS challenge.


Gift bags were prepared for each TEAMS participants, including a CSU T-shirt and other assorted goodies to remind them of a great day of competition!



The TEAMs group from Rock Canyon High School - Advisor Cindy Powell


The TEAMS group from Liberty Common High School - Advisor Bill Kranz


Congratulations to all the competitors in this special event!

For more photos, please visit our Snapfish album here:

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For more information about how you can become part of the TEAMS experience, please contact:

Dr. Michael deMiranda at CSU either by email or at (970) 491-5805 or Tony Raymond, Colorado TSA State Advisor, at 720-858-2794.

For more information on TEAMS at the national level, here is a link to the national website.